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Have you ever taken the time to peruse the various Florida statutes or have you ever researched something legally related? Chances are the jargon can be incredibly confusing, which is among the reasons why having a legal professional at your side is so indispensable. The complexity of Florida’s laws and their ongoing changes is something Joseph Klock Jr. is exceptionally familiar with and why he has been successfully practicing law for decades.

The many years of legal knowledge Joseph “Joe” Klock has developed have earned him admiration and a lengthy legal career rich in cases of different complexity. Even as he has achieved all of this great success, he holds to his pro bono tradition and he continues to adhere to a level of service where clients can always expect professionalism. Joseph’s experience extends to General Litigation, International and Criminal Defense cases.

Joseph Klock Jr holds the position of Partner at the Miami law firm of Rasco, Klock Perez & Nieto. His work has earned him awards and accolades from such notable institutions as the prestigious University of Miami.