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For decades now, the renting process has remained largely the same. Provided the prospective tenant meets all of the requirements and passes the credit check, units are given to qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. However, renting isn’t necessarily a “one size fits all” process, which means having options is practically a necessity. Livo takes the first-come, first-served foundation and reinvents the process by offering renters and property managers greater flexibility.

Livo leverages technology that boosts prospect renting experience while simultaneously optimizing owners and operators’ lease terms. Livo promotes rentals – such as those with the finest views, amenities, configurations, and places – that are likely to earn more than one bid and for other luxury rentals. Livo is also an especially useful asset in downstream markets owing to its ease of use.

Livo offers a comprehensive revenue improvement mechanism for property managers as well as a legitimate real-time pricing approach. It helps property managers to optimize rental yields and conditions while monetizing the waitlist in a new, realistic way. Tenants enjoy greater versatility. As yet another method to raise the rent, other unsuccessful bidding platforms may simply serve as a way to up the rent. The website of Livo helps prospects, not just the rental number, to make deals depending on the move-in date or duration of the lease.

Livo’s rental optimization platform may sound complicated, but it’s surprisingly simple. Check out the short video on their website today.