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Hard money loans are a powerful tool for any investment strategy. Designed to make the acquisition of non-owner-occupied real estate simple, Monroe Funding Corp, hard money lenders Florida, gets the funding you need as a cash bidder quickly.

Hard money lending with Monroe Funding corp is easy. Just fill out the short and simple loan application online. After reviewing your information, they can pre-approve you for a loan in a matter of minutes. Hard money loans help you leverage and multiply your purchasing power, which takes months to accomplish through traditional lenders and banks.

Monroe Funding Corp’s hard money loans are for real estate initiatives only, but they can help you refinance and cash out of existing investment properties and raise capital for your next purchase. Looking to renovate and remodel? They have got you covered on that too. Monroe Funding Corp aims to fund single-family homes, apartment buildings, and most commercial properties.

The process is easy – fill out the online form, choose the loan program that fits you the best, and then they will forward pre-approval letters and proof of funds to submit offers. After that, prepare to close. It really is that simple!

Deals are qualified based on property conditions only – no transaction limits or minimums. With competitive terms and no charging for up-front points or origination fees, you can maximize your savings and leverage your purchasing power. A quick turnaround time means you have access to the unlimited and unrestricted potential that lies before you.

For hard money lending made easy, visit Monroe Funding Corp online or call 954.419.3538.