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mericaFor many immigrants and foreigners, one of their lifelong goals is to achieve The American Dream, whatever that dream may be to them. Often these people are seeking to better their lives by making wise, strategic investments in a country often referred as “The Land of Opportunity”.

With so many lucrative opportunities abounding in cities like Miami, The Americas Group continues its steadfast mission to provide strategic financial advisory services and assist families with their goal of obtaining a U.S. Visa. Although it focuses strongly on investors, The Americas Group also helps those seeking to provide a safer environment, escape a turbulent political situation, or those wanting greater religious freedom for themselves and their families. The team is spearheaded by Chairman and Managing Partner Howard M. Glicken as well as Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer Paul D. DeStefanis.

Some of the projects The Americas Group has worked on include the nationally recognized Maids® Fund, hotel investments, assisted living facility investments, and the Yellowstone Club private ski and golf community located in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

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