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In a perfect world, when a soon to be married couple says “I do”, they will indeed stick to their vows and remained blissfully wed until death does one of them part. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out the way we intended and there may come a point when a couple decides they’re better off going their separate ways, resulting in a divorce.

Divorce can be a complex and painful matter to navigate, which is why it’s so imperative to have the right legal assistance to help with navigating the process and ensuring the marriage is dissolved amicably and to the satisfaction of both spouses. The Miami family law lawyers at the firm of Rafool, LLC have a strong reputation across Florida. The firm has considerable experience representing clients in complex divorce cases and other matters involving family law.

Besides divorce, the attorneys at Rafool have experience working with issues involving paternity, international family law, as well as civil litigation matters such as commercial lawsuits and contract disputes. Please call 305-567-9400 to learn more about the firm or to schedule a consultation with one of the attorneys.