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Are you familiar with healthcare revenue cycle management? Before we proceed any further with today’s client, let’s briefly shed some light on what this is all about. Healthcare revenue cycle management refers to the financial process utilized by healthcare facilities such as hospitals to keep track of a patient’s care from when they register to any appointments scheduled and the final payment made to satisfy the balance. The process allows organizations to be paid for the services that are provided.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what it’s about, you’ll be better able to understand what Medical Account Systems (MAS) does. It is a full service revenue cycle management company that has represented numerous healthcare providers throughout the country for more than twenty years and counting. MAS uses an experienced team of professionals working in the healthcare industry to oversee and efficiently manage operations.

The services provided by MAS include insurance follow up and managed care disputes plus third party liability. to name a few. Should you wish to learn more, please call 877-759-6315.