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As a leading internet marketing consulting firm, Corey Consulting must stay on top of all internet trends to understand the niche and general direction of search traffic. It’s our privilege to bring early results for Super Bowl XLIX based on search traffic for both teams. The past 90 days, Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots have been “neck and neck” averaging nearly 1,000,000 searches –a-month. But as is the case with all sporting events, there can be only one winner. Here is the breakdown:

New England Patriot’s search volume has remained strong all season with peak traffic in January when they beat the Indianapolis Colts to reach the Super Bowl. Besides Massachusetts, The Patriots receive strong traffic from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut. Top searches for The Patriots include: “patriots schedule”, “patriots roster”, “patriots game”, “tom brady” and “patriots tickets”.

The Seattle Seahawks also had very strong search volume all year with strong spikes in August, November and January. Besides Washington State, the team received searches from Idaho, Alaska and Montana. Top searches for the team include: “seattle seahawks schedule”,” seahawks schedule” and “seattle seahawks game”.

Head-to-head these teams are very close with search traffic nearing 1,000,000 searches-a-month. However, one team won in both overall searches and searches in the last 90 days and that was the Seattle Seahawks! The team averaged 1,220,000 searches a month while New England Patriots averaged 823,000 searches.Congratulations to The Seattle Seahawks for winning the Google Super Bowl. 

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Seattle v Patriots