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Remarketing with a PPC Strategy

Welcome to Corey Consulting, a world leader in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and most of all, PPC strategy. Our world-class team remains at the forefront of digital marketing trends, granting businesses worldwide the growth they covet, through our ever-evolving strategies that reshape the frontier of modern marketing daily.

Today, we focus on an underutilized concept of remarketing with a PPC strategy. Often overlooked, remarketing can enhance your success and boost your conversion rates if skillfully applied.

Picture this: You’re surfing the web, and an ad pops up for a product you’ve looked at before but chose not to purchase. The likelihood is that you’ll click on that ad, right? That’s the power of remarketing. It’s focused on capitalizing on past customer interactions, maximizing the conversion potential of your PPC strategy.

At Corey Consulting, we firmly believe in perpetually wielding the continuously advancing digital business tools to optimize your brand visibility and conversion rates. Remarketing is a prime example – it’s the clever way to reach out to your website visitors with targeted advertising on different websites, enticing them to reconsider, re-engage and, ultimately, re-purchase.

So, how does remarketing work? Two key steps cement this process. First, a snippet of code (also known as a tracking pixel) gets added to your website. This code inconspicuously tags visitors in your designated remarketing audience. It subsequently serves them ads as they browse elsewhere on the internet. Second, your remarketed ads emphasize products or services that these consumers have previously shown interest in while visiting your website.

With remarketing, your business thrives on iterative customer engagement. These targeted ploys significantly drive your conversion rates upward by targeting those customers already familiar with your brand. When you combine remarketing with an optimized PPC strategy, you transform your marketing approach into a formidable ally that progressively nurtures leads and improves your business’s overall ROI.

For example, let’s say you own an e-commerce business selling athletic shoes. A potential buyer sights your website and lingers around the Adidas section for a while but then leaves abruptly without making a purchase. With a dynamic remarketing campaign, your PPC strategy could strategically display Adidas product ads to that customer on other platforms, coaxing them to return and complete their purchase!

Of course, the implementation requires finesse, discretion, and timing. Flooding potential clients with ads could push them away rather than draw them in. That’s exactly where Corey Consulting steps in. Our team of savvy digital marketers masterminds remarketing strategies aligning with your brand voice. We tirelessly work to craft those compelling ads, capturing familiar audiences and court newer ones, integrating them all into the fold of your loyal customer base.

Unleashing the potential of remarketing in your PPC strategy doesn’t just solidify your brand presence but redefines it, fostering repeat conversions, and enhancing your popularity. 

At Corey Consulting, we understand your business is unique. Witness the remarkable power of remarketing coupled with carefully crafted PPC strategy and get ready for your business’s next leap forward! 

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