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A Miami mother, Aleida Bello, is in critical condition from a gas explosion that took place Saturday November 13th. Aleida Bello’s family finds themselves needing help as medical costs involving treating the critical condition are substantial. Her family is accepting any assistance available through GoFundMe with the link here: https://gofund.me/e42d718f
Aleida Bello; a Miami mother of three was rushed to Kendall Regional Hospital on Saturday morning, following a gas explosion that took place in her kitchen at 7 A.M. while making breakfast. Doctors and trauma specialists confirmed that Aleida suffered 3rd degree burns on 45% of her body; including her arms, legs, chest, face and head. Emergency personnel rushed to stabilize her condition, leaving the mother in an induced coma with cadaver skin on her extremities to protect from infection. Doctors report she will remain in critical condition for no less than a month with recovery and rehabilitation spanning upwards of one year.
Aleida Bello is also a caregiver to her husband who suffers from Diabetic Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Following the accident, Aleida’s husband was also hospitalized due to his conditions while daughters Jari, Jane and Josie are left to secure financial assistance for the continued medical expenses, property damage and living expense of their parents. 
Aleida’s family hopes to find support from their local community by creating a GoFundMe for the medical and treatment expenses. For more information or contribution options, please visit https://gofund.me/e42d718f