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The Miami real estate market is packed with lucrative opportunities to purchase properties, and it remains a hotbed for investors seeking to find worthwhile projects. For most people, obtaining a money loan to purchase a property typically involves going through a large mortgage loan provider and dealing with all the red tape. Tax returns, credit reports, variable loan rates, there are a lot of factors that need to be dealt with when going the traditional route.

Hard money lenders Florida company M&M Private Lending Group seeks to cut out most of this red tape by offering private money real estate loans. These loans are offered with competitively low rates and the company prides itself on its fast closings. Founded Michael Internoscia and Michael Sadov, the company has more than thirty years of experience offering private loans to a broad list of clients including foreign nationals that have depended on the company’s ongoing efforts to provide professional, personalized service. The company works extensively with both residential and commercial mortgages.

To learn more about M&M Private Lending Group, its loan programs, mortgage note investments, or to download an application form, please visit http://www.mmprivatelending.com/. We’re very proud to call them one of our esteemed clients!