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Client Spotlight: Brickell.com

When you hear the word “magic”, what city comes to mind? If you guessed Miami, you are correct! Miami’s official nickname is “The Magic City” and it truly is a magical place to live. With its perennial style, the beaches, a rich fusion of culture, and wonderfully sunny weather, it’s one of the most in-demand […]

Client Spotlight: ORIGIN PC

When you’re considering buying a new PC, are you the type of shopper who prefers to go to the local electronics store and see what models are available? Maybe you’re the type who likes to build your own PC from scratch with the exact components necessary to fit your needs. If you’re among these people, […]

Client Spotlight: Havana Air

If there’s one island in the Caribbean that has maintained a strong aura of mystery for decades, most people would likely agree it’s Cuba. The nation has generated a tremendous amount of curiosity because of its relative inaccessibility and travel restrictions yet its unique culture still draws plenty of people wishing to explore it. Ever […]

Check Out Miami FC

Few sports are as colorful and intense as “futbol”, or as we like to call it here in the United States, soccer. From fans painting themselves in the colors of their favorite team or native country’s flag to the fever pitch when a player scores a goal, soccer maintains a strong passion among fans and […]