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MLS Arrives in the Magic City

The day has finally arrived, ladies and gentlemen! After four years of blood, sweat, tears, and feverishly passionate enthusiasm, Major League Soccer (MLS) is finally making its triumphant debut in the Magic City! Earlier this week, the Knight Concert Hall was full of fútbol fanatics ready to celebrate the huge news with none other than […]

Client Spotlight: Bozanic Law

Having the right professional legal help to represent you in a case is critical. When unfortunate situations arise such as robbery or fraud, you want an attorney that understands your case and has the experience and expertise to help you deal with the problem to reach a favorable resolution. The litigation law firm of Bozanic […]

Client Spotlight: The Americas Group

For many immigrants and foreigners, one of their lifelong goals is to achieve The American Dream, whatever that dream may be to them. Often these people are seeking to better their lives by making wise, strategic investments in a country often referred as “The Land of Opportunity”. With so many lucrative opportunities abounding in cities […]

Google Enhances Its Mobile Algorithm

Google recently announced that it’s officially rolled out the second version of its mobile algorithm, designed to further boost websites that feature mobile-friendly design when using Google through a mobile device. If you’re concerned about making sure that your existing website is mobile—and Google—friendly, you’ll want to run it through Google’s mobile friendly test by […]