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Client Spotlight: ORIGIN PC

When you’re considering buying a new PC, are you the type of shopper who prefers to go to the local electronics store and see what models are available? Maybe you’re the type who likes to build your own PC from scratch with the exact components necessary to fit your needs. If you’re among these people, […]

Say Hello to Corey Advertising

We have some exciting news to share, ladies and gentlemen! We are exceptionally proud to announce the launch of Corey Advertising, an agency specializing in sports and hospitality focused on building strategic and dynamic partnerships with a diverse array of clients. Corey Advertising goes beyond the traditions of advertising by making it a strict priority […]

Client Spotlight: Bozanic Law

Having the right professional legal help to represent you in a case is critical. When unfortunate situations arise such as robbery or fraud, you want an attorney that understands your case and has the experience and expertise to help you deal with the problem to reach a favorable resolution. The litigation law firm of Bozanic […]

Client Spotlight: The Americas Group

For many immigrants and foreigners, one of their lifelong goals is to achieve The American Dream, whatever that dream may be to them. Often these people are seeking to better their lives by making wise, strategic investments in a country often referred as “The Land of Opportunity”. With so many lucrative opportunities abounding in cities […]

Client Spotlight: The Flavor Project

Today, people are significantly more conscientious about the foods they consume. Buzzwords like organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO are more popular than ever as consumers make greater efforts to stay away from processed foods that may be unhealthy. One of the companies that are looking to make a dent and offer something better is The Flavor […]

Client Spotlight: Havana Air

If there’s one island in the Caribbean that has maintained a strong aura of mystery for decades, most people would likely agree it’s Cuba. The nation has generated a tremendous amount of curiosity because of its relative inaccessibility and travel restrictions yet its unique culture still draws plenty of people wishing to explore it. Ever […]